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What We Should Learn from the Ebola Outbreak

Ebola doesn’t spread by mysterious means, we know how it spreads. So we have the means to stop it from spreading, but it requires tremendous attention to every detail.  Tom Frieden, director, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, August 25, 2014 The current West African Ebola crisis brings into sharp relief the challenges of… Read More »

Disruptive Innovation in Professional Education and Decision Support

Communities and services built on curated digital collections of tutorial-format information are disrupting several “industries” including higher education, continuing education, and professional and occupational publishing (textbooks, reference works, and manuals). A great example is, which has replaced printed textbooks, reference works, and journal articles in many U.S. teaching hospitals and medical practices. Quoting from… Read More »

Accumulating Evidence of the Value of Collection-Based Services

In a June 12 post I described the digital gold rush in occupational education and services. The evidence continues to accumulate that the most promising approaches are built on: Curated digital collections Online communities of learning and practice; and Incorporating adaptive-learning or search-and-recommend technologies. Traditional information services companies and publishers are leading many of these… Read More »

Health Professions Post-Degree Education Moves Deeper Online

The Khan Academy, which dominates K-12 test prep education with high-quality free content, is moving into professional test preparation with the launch of a set of lessons for future nurses.   In this case the Khan Academy’s signature video tutorials (voice over hand drawn graphics) were produced in collaboration with the Jonas Center and the American… Read More »