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Global Online Higher Ed: Matching Content with Demand

Outside the United States the demand for post-secondary education is at an all-time high. Rapid population growth in Asia, coupled with the need for a increasingly skilled workforce throughout the developing world, has created tremendous demand for high quality technical training and education.   Major vendors  such as Cisco, Microsoft, and SAP have long targeted global… Read More »

The New Architecture for Usable and Useful Knowledge

The emerging architecture of digitally published reference works, manuals, and textbooks changes the form, and what we expect, in accessing and using professional and occupational knowledge. New generation online knowledge sources are searchable and can present useful and usable knowledge in accessible tutorial format for education or decision support. Because of the explosion of important… Read More »

Making Sense of Technology Strategy Choices for Online Education

The leadership of universities, companies, and government agencies know that online courses, digital course materials, and e-learning are the wave of the future.  For some institutions this wave of the future is a tsunami as the pace of innovation, and the resulting shifts in traditional organizational roles and boundaries, are breathtaking.  Common and important choices… Read More »