Office Mix is in the Mix

By | August 5, 2014

Microsoft is continuing the beta rollout of the online education authoring and delivery platform Office Mix.  As we have discussed previously, Office Mix is an add-in to Microsoft Powerpoint which allows one to develop online lectures and presentations that include video narration, inking for noting and highlighting, inline assessments/surveys, and screen capture demos.

Distinguished scientist Anoop Gupta from Microsoft and professor Andy Dam of Brown University gave a demonstration of Mix in association with the recent Microsoft Research Faculty Summit:

Office Mix allows you to use Powerpoint tools to create a rich online presentation on a PC, and then deliver that content via a number of supported browsers in a cross-platform manner using cloud-based storage. Microsoft recently added an API which makes it relatively easy to create “labs” (simulators, calculators, animations, etc.) that will run in the Mix viewer across various browser and OS platforms.

At Course Gateway we consider Mix as a possible game-changer in terms of ease of authoring and delivery, but there are a number of issues we are tracking:

– How well will Office Mix interact with existing Learning Management Systems and Digital Content repositories?
– What are facilities for tagging and searching Mix content?
– What are supported models for sharing and linking Mix presentations, ranging from free public access to fine-grained pay-per-view options?
– What it the depth and breadth of Microsoft’s commitment to Office Mix as part of the evolving Office productivity suite?